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  • Patricia Weiland

Looking back

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

For more than 100 years, this land we now call Castlebrook Estate was a 250-acre working farm. During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers rested here. Rock walls along the creek were hand built to secure the property. Some of these walls still exist. The barn housed cows, horses, pigs and hay.

The original 250 acres were subdivided and sold in 2008 by the family. We acquired 10 acres, a partially completed “castle” and the barn in 2009. In 2016, we acquired an additional 8 acres and officially began preparing for the opening of Castlebrook Events in 2019. During the renovation we uncovered old horseshoes, chains, hand forged track and pulleys and farm implements.

The name Castlebrook Estates reflects the location and our new local friends in Readyville. The locals refer to our home as the “castle” as it does have some characteristics of a castle such as a turret. We have a beautiful creek at the back of the property, which in Ireland is commonly referred to as a “brook.” So, combining my Irish ancestry and the local charm, we decided upon the name Castlebrook.

We absolutely love the serenity of the property. When we bought this land 10 years ago it was all pasture land with 4-feet tall grass, a partially completed home and a barn. We had no idea what we would discover underneath all the brush. We finished the home and have spent the last 10 years rock-by-rock building the amazing picturesque location we now know as Castlebrook.

We absolutely relish the peace this place brings to us. We love the sunrises but there is nothing better than the sunsets over Brawley Fork Creek. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

The photo featured here shows the barn 10 years ago, prior to our renovations.


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